Saturday, October 17, 2015

WynKids Review | WynKids Scam

Wynkids Review | WynKids Scam

Yes,  I went to the free preview in Grand Paragon JB.  I am a parent who is interested in this program for my children.  My idea of education is somewhat similar to what he puts on his website.  So, I was very keen to see what was offered.   I even invited my friend to come along but luckily she did not come.  She would have hated me for wasting 2 hours of her time!

 I am not a critic.  I am writing this review because what I saw really bothers me.  Here's why.

1. The Owner of WynKids Sdn Bhd,  Elwin Goh was the person who did the presentation.  I did not know this until I checked him out just before I wrote this review.  It looked like a one man show.  He is also one of the coaches.

2.  Later in the presentation, he listed down five impressive  names with first class honors in various fields.  But when I checked the website under "coaches", I did not find any of those names. I wonder if these people were real or just some names he use to impress unsuspecting parent like myself.  He put it on the projector so fast, I did not have time to snap a picture with my phone.

3. He contradicted himself in his most important 3 Key Points.  Here's how he claim to get your kids to be successful:

This is his 3 Key points.  I totally agree with him on these points.  Here's the BUT.  He said based on research, it takes 21 days to change a HABIT or form a new habit. (Habit is related to attitude.) This is actually common knowledge already.  Just google " how long does it take to change habit" & the answer will stare at you straight in your face.  Here's the contradiction: At the end of the 2 hours, he offers a 4 day program for RM3500. Then, he discounted it to RM3000. Then he said if you sign on the spot, it is RM2699 and you get your second child who could still be a baby to be locked up for a price of RM2599.  He charges an outrageous amount of money to unsuspecting parents like you and me for a 4 day program which is supposed to improve your child's attitude & mindset as well as point 2 & 3 above via a change in habit & formation of new habit which requires 21 days. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!?!!!??? 4 days IS NOT 21 days.

4. Here's the worst thing I have ever heard from anyone. He said NEVER to praise your child saying they are Smart. Just tell them they have done a good job, so that they will work harder next time.  If you tell them they are smart, then they will be complacent & will never improve.  What complete BS is this!!  This is NOT the 21st century approach to learning!  This is the 18th century appraoch!  I praised my own kids everyday & they do better & better each day.  They do more things better!! We need to know that hard-work is not the only way to success...."BRAIN-work" is the key.  I know, this is a new word - no such word as  "BRAIN-work, I know ( I put this on purpose!)

5. Here's another crap from him. When you sign up for this program, he will tell you what to do & how to handle your child. You must have a family meeting regularly. You must follow what he tells you otherwise this program doesn't work. he the church pastor? Is he trying to form a cult?  Who in their right frame of mind in this 21st century would listen to such CRAP & follow it???

6. Throughout his 2 hour talks, he frequently refers to Study techniques such as LOCI technique & LINK technique.  These are common study techniques. Just google them and you will find out all about them.  So, here's how he impress the parents with the LINK technique or the story method.

When we attend the preview, our kids will be sent to a class where they will learn the LINK memory technique.  My kid read about this from an Adam Khoo's book which cost me RM80 from MPH.

The children were given 30 words to memorize & my kid got 29 out of 30 correct after 2 minutes before the trainer even taught them.  The trainer then taught all the kids how to do this using the story below.  Then all the kids were sent to us at the end of the 2 hours, before he tells us how much it cost.
2 best performing kids from the children group came up to recite the 30 words correctly, forward & backward.  Here's the 30 words:

As I said, my kid did this in 2 minutes with 1 mistake using her own story as per the Link method she read from Adam Khoo's book that cost RM80 from MPH.

Here's the story that the wynkids' trainer used:

Once upon a Time, there was a Girl named Ice-Cream.  She went to a Restaurant & ordered a bowl of Noodle. While she was eating, she realized that she was actually eating Rubberband. She vomited out a battery and had an idea to put it in her clock.  She could save some money.  She was very happy. She went home, & on the way, she saw a lamp post.  She went around it and began to sing you are my sunshine.

Suddenly, she heard thunder & she looked up to the sky and saw 3 men who landed in-front of her house.  One was the incredible Hulk that was green, the second was Thor holding his hammer & athe third was iron man wearing his mask.  She was very surprised and her mouth drop to the floor. They began to approach her and told her that they had to save the world. Captain America.

 After revising the story 3 times with the trainer, the kids were given 5  minutes to recall the 30 words again. But even after all of this, only 3 students got it all correct.  

But the parents did not know this, which was why the kids were quickly sent back to the room again while Elwyn  Goh did his sales pitch.  

There's nothing wrong with any sales pitch.  It is just the fact that he is ripping off unsuspecting parents that really got to me.                                                                                                         

7.  He is a businessman, no doubt.  His main purpose is to make lots of money fast from unsuspecting parents.  There is nothing wrong with making money.  But it is wrong when you rip people off their hard earned money.  Here's the stats:

RM3000 X30 students = RM90000 revenue.
- Paragon Hotel for 3 days @ RM1000 per day = RM3000
- Outdoor activity at Eco Park : @ RM2000 ( 1 day)
- Trainers Cost at student teacher ratio of 5 to 1, so 6 trainers @ RM1000 per day = TOTAL RM24000

Grand total of COST: RM30000 Max.

For 4 days of work, Elwyn Goh pocketed RM 60000!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of us worked for the whole year to earn that amount of money.

There is nothing wrong with earning that kind of money.  The way that he tries to prey on unsuspecting parents is immoral.  He can charge a reasonable amount, not an outrageous amount like that.


  1. I thought the Wynkids programme is for 1 whole year? I.e. 1-day camp + weekly class for 1 year, not 4-days programme

    1. Yes, it is. It was a 3 day camp followed by a year of 2 hour weekend classes.
      The deal was that it would cost 8k RM for the camp and the lessons for the whole year, or just 1.5k RM for the 3 day camp only. I'm just a kid, but the whole year package seems rather reasonable. Considering its 120+ hours of lessons with qualified coaches specifically designed to help fix the serious issues that some kids may have.
      As for fixing serious issues, off course the coaches have to work together with parents. They all have psychology degrees and it helps to have them advice parents.
      About coaches who did well academically, my coach apparently graduated with first class honours.
      As for praising children, I don't think anyone mentioned anything about that.
      I honestly think the gentleman who wrote this review is over-exaggerating.

    2. Graduated in Psychology doesn't mean they know how to teach children.

  2. I think I'm a victim. I enrolled my daughter for the programme. The coach feedback is she is too quite and don't want to response on the very first day of the camp. They throw back the same problem to me saying that she is too quite and don't want to feedback. Hey, they are the professional they should know how to train the child instead of throwing the problem to me all the time. Can you imagine, they ask my girl who is not a English spoken background to present in front of everyone by telling her own story using English on the second programme only. They force her to present in front of everyone. They want fast money only without any passion to really train and nurture a child. I ask them to refund to me because they have been collected one lump sum of money in advance. I send email and whatapps to them, no response from them. If they refuse to refund money to me I will take further action.

    1. Have you read their Terms and Conditions before you make the payment?

  3. luckily i read this before agree to join next camp. thanks for great sharing and saving my pocket.

  4. 1st class honours doesn't mean they can teach

    1. That is truth. U need not only academic qualify, also experience in teaching

  5. Omg i come across this because i just registered for march session. Thank you for the review.

    1. Hi aini. . Have you started the session witg wynkids... How the progress so far?

  6. Interviewer is sacarstic and disrespect to the interview candidates. Values and culture in this company are questionable compare with the interviewer's attitude.

  7. This blogger have very bad in math. I'm sure that you don't even know how to do business. You don't even calculate the company expenses, rental, bills, salary for teachers and etc. So I think your opinion is irrelevant.

  8. Don't said that you are victim. no one pointing gun on your head to force you to enrol the programme. Just blame your stupidity. This make that you are bad parent, only know how to blame others without realise that you are stupid.

  9. Thanks for an honest review! I totally agreed that those classes are too expensive for parents. It points to profits profits profits and learning has become a commercial product. I believe there is no ‘one method fits all child’, only we know our kids best. Therefore some will end up regret buy in to the commercial time by them.